Ada Hegerberg wins the first ever women’s Ballon d’or

Inaugural Ballon d'or winner asked the silliest question ever, by a DJ in the Ceremony. Read Below...

The Inaugral Women’s Ballon d’or.

The trophee to be awarded to the 2018 winner is very much the same as the men’s ballon d’or.

This goes to show “gender equality”.

And today, the 3rd day of December 2018 marks another day when we will get to see the year’s ballon d’or winner.

This begs the question, How excited are you? I am so nervous right now. Well, let us find out who it is. But before that lets talk a little about the women’s ballon d’or winner.

For all these years, the women have been left out of this event but this year the officials finally decided that the women should also be awarded the ballon d’or.

Afterall, we are in the 20th century. Gender equality is a thing, and people demand it.

Who won the womens Ballon d’or?

A 23 year old Norwegian woman had the honour of receiving the first ever women’s ballon d’or.

She scored a total of 15 goals in the women UEFA champions league. Ada went on to win the cup for her team, Olympique Lyonaisse.

Ada hegerberg

She scored a total of 107 goals for the club.

2018 Ada hegerberg wins first womens ballon d’or.

And got 66 caps for her National Team.

As sad as it may be, the Ballon d’or winner will not be participating in the 2019 Womens World Cup.

What would you advise the people watching you out there?

“Please believe in yourselves.” she said. Seemingly because she made it out of belief in herself.

After receiving the ballon d’or, she walked down the steps. As is done traditionally, but she met something unexpected.

The DJ who goes by the name Martin Solveig asked her if she could “twerk”?.

She answered, “No.”

Consequently he asked her if she could dance, and they actually danced on the stage, And it was entertaining.

But according to Ada in a phone call interview, she said she didn’t feel harassed sexually or otherwise.

“I was expecting a different question.” She added.

She thought it was a normal thing, She expressed to her interviewer.

Afterwards, the DJ apologised to her for asking such a question, And she accepted his apology.

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