Huawei Deputy Chairman arrested in Vancouver

Who is Meng Wanzhou

She is a chinese woman who works for Huawei.Daughter to ren zhengfei she is the Deputy chairman of huawei board.

Meng Wanzhou works for the telecoms giant, Huawei, that is very popular everywhere in the world.

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou

When she was exchanging flight in Vancouver, on 1 december 2018, She was arrested.

She is sought for extradition said the Ministry of Justice, Canada.

How big is Huawei?

The ratings as it is earlier in the beginning of this year stands to be Samsung topping the smartphone selling companies followed by Apple but in the earlier months of this year Huawei has passed Apple to become the second

Huawei’s reaction

The chinese giant company of technology reacted by saying that their company complies with every applicable law and for this reason, do not acknowledge any wrongdoing by their CFO (Chief Finance Officer).

Beijing will definitely be upset about this arrest but who knows what the outcome of that will become.

The chinese embassy in canada is already to demanding her immediate release.

Iranian ‘sanctions’…

Huawei uses parts from the US and these products have sanctions against Iran. And Iran does not want its parts being used there.

Seemingly she was arrested because she circumvented these sanctions.

These arrest could cause a lot of damage to huawei, They could lose everything like ZTE as a result of these arrest.

The U.S. President

Donald trump signed an order banning the use of huawei products in nuclear facilities despite the fact that the chinese company is denying the violations.

Moreover, the U.S. have already started campaigns to stop the use of huawei products because of some security reasons they say.

China imposed a tariff on U.S. imports amounting to a sum of 110bn because Donald Trump initially put a tariff of his own to chinese imported products worth 250bn.

Possible effects of the Arrest

Recently the U.S. and chinese governments have begun a trade truce. But this recent action may just make everything return to an even worse situation.

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