I Call Them ‘The Broken’. By Billyhadiat Taophyqoh Adeola

When you see a rude, mean, hardhearted and antisocial teenager who skips classes, and is addicted to music, drug, sex, and porn.

What comes to your mind?

Do you think they merely lack morals as 21st century teenagers do? or do you think they are broken, depressed and in need of some help?

Teenagers and depression

Teen depression is a serious mental health problem that causes a constant feeling of sadness and apathy – lost of interest in activities. It affects how the teenager thinks, feels and behaves, which in turn may cause emotional, physical and functional problems.

As a matter of fact, anybody can get depressed, but not everybody knows how to manage depression, especially the psychologically grooming and emotionally fragile teenagers.

Teen depression is not a weakness. However, not getting rid of it can have serious consequences and may require long term treatment.

For most teenagers, depression symptoms can be overcomed with treatments ranging from psychological counseling to medication.

Unfortunately, only a few teenagers know what they really need (Medication and Counseling).

As a result, we have to be there for them whenever they need us.

Sometimes even when we are there with them we don’t understand them.

we expect them to smell like rose when there is a fire burning them to ashes on the inside.

Teenagers Attempts to suppress depression

Depressed, the poor teenager thinks the best way to get rid of the thought that makes them cry for death and question their existence is to escape from reality.

Most teenagers do that by listening to music, to get rid of the thoughts, since other teenagers are busy painting their facades.

This explains the common saying (among teenagers) that, “when everything is gone, music stays” and “when nobody understands you, music does”.

Music will make them feel happy, it truly will. But the happiness lasts for few hours. And when they start feeling depressed again, they plug in their earphones and resort to music once again.

Teenagers in search of happiness

Every body wants an everlasting happiness, and not the one that lasts for hours.

In the process, they become music addicts and when anything exceeds its limit, it turns to the opposite. “Too much of everything is bad.”

And according to the science of desire, one of the things that triggers the sexual instinct is music.

This subtle connection explains why some of the depressed teens end up as sex addicts, porn addict, some end up being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

In fact, some teenagers become so broken that they get addicted to drug, when music is of no use anymore. They start getting high on drugs to escape from the overwhelming reality.

Pathetically, the purported serenity they get from drugs is short lived and it affects them more mentally.

They end up being worse, when they seek to find a solution to their problems so they won’t get worse.

In a nutshell, teen depression is a normal phenomenon.

Adolescents and teenagers are poor at handling stress and depression

This makes them vulnerable to a lot of harm ranging from emotional and mental breakdown to drug abuse.

During this delicate period of their lives, teenagers need to be cared for and emotionally supported, they should not be called names like -atrocious, as though they are demons in human figures.

Teenagers are just confused kids who are striving to strike a balance between their desires, their religious beliefs and the tempting society where innocence wither in a blink of an eye.

They should never be left to bear this depressional surge alone or left to find internal peace on their own.

Love the teenagers, they need it.

So, if you meet a teenager today, no matter how much they smile, embrace them in your arms and shower them some love, because teenagers are like the moon.

There’s a part of them you’ll never see, like -the unspoken words that haunts their peace and the unnoticed tears that drowns their happiness.

I am the voice of the teenagers lurking in the shadow of your frisky voice, I am Billyhadiat Taofeeqoh Adeola, a 17 year old girl who is striving to make a difference.

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