Jim Agbaje: ‘I Will Beat Sanwo-olu Flat In 2019’

Jim Agbaje says he will defeat sanwo olu hands down.

What PDP Governorship Candidate, Mr Agbaje, Said.

Mr Jim Agbaje says he will defeat Mr Babajide Sanwo-olu in the 2019 election.

The PDP Governorship candidate failed to win in his last two attempts but feels confident he will win this time around.

He openly said this in a formal declaration while addressing his supporters in Lagos.

Result of his Failed Attempts

Failing twice made him realise his weaknesses and for this reason will emerge the governor of Lagos State in the 2019 election, He expressed.

The PDP governorship candidate said the following after promising he will shock the All Progressives Congress (APC) come 2019.

What Agbaje said

“I will beat the APC in 2019; mark my words, I will not only beat them, I will beat them flat. I am sure of winning because Lagosians are behind me.

“The support we were given in 2015 is still there, intact. We will expand on it in 2019. I am in the race because I am passionate about Lagos.

“I hear them calling me their customer because of my past attempts, but I tell them,the customer is King. By next year, we shall know the results.

But I can assure you once again that I will beat them flat,”

The governorship candidate said the APC had failed the state in all the ramifications, calling on residents to vote out the party for lack of progress.

Mr Agbaje said that the APC has failed woefully in all aspects and must be voted out.

Moreover, he added that he possesses experience, capacity and sincerity which makes him the best choice for Lagos State.

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