Jamal Khashoggi: Everything you need to Know.

Everything you need to know about him.

Who is Jamal Khashoggi?

First of all, lets talk about his work life.

He is a journalist, an Author, former General Manager and Editor in chief of Al Arab News Channel.

Khashoggi also edited for Saudi Arabian Newspaper Alwatan, Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi had a great profile.

Jamal is an observant Muslim.

His birth and death

On the 13th of October 1958 he came to the world and left it on the 3rd of October 2018 in istanbul at the Arabian Consulate.

His educational background

In 1982, he obtained his first degree (bachelor’s degree) from Indiana State University in the US.

He attended schools in Saudi Arabia for his secondary and elementary education

His Family

Muhammad Khashoggi(Muhammed Halit Kaşıkçı), Jamal Khashoggi’s grandfather, is a turk who married a Saudi Arabian Woman, was a personal physician to King Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, a nephew to Adnan Khashoggi, a man who had a net worth of almost 4 billion USD in the 1980s.

His uncle, Adnan, is an arms dealer widely known for the role he played in the Iran-Contra Scandal.

Jamal’s first wife Dr. Alaa Nassif. Gave birth to two sons for him, Salah and Abdullah.

He was planning to marry Hatice Cengiz, before he met his sudden end.

His fiancee who snubbed donald trumps invitation early after the death of Jamal, is a 36 year-old PhD candidate at a university in Istanbul.

Their marriage arrangements led him to go to the Saudi Consulate to get the paperwork to marry his Hatice Cengiz.

Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Arabian government.

He never came out of the building after going in to get the papers, this happenedon the 2nd of October 2018.

Jamal Khashoggi wrote several articles critical to the saudi government, the crown prince and the king of saudi himself.

Many news reports claiming that he was killed inside the consulate were spread all over news headlines. After which turkish and saudi official checked the consulate on 15 October.

On 20 October the Saudi Arabian government claimed he was strangled to death in a fight that had taken place in the consulate.

“The Washington Post and other news media reported that the CIA had concluded Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s assassination.”

But US President Donald Trump said “maybe he did, maybe he didn’t” therefore investigation had to go on.

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