Visually impaired lady called to Bar

Meet Hafsat, The Visually Impaired Lady Who Against All Odds Was Called To Bar

The inspirational story of Visually Impaired Lawyer.

As sad as it is, Hafsat, got visually impaired at the age of two.

She had a dream of becoming a lawyer and worked very hard to make it.

Gladly enough, she got the support she needed in school.

Her sister had the following to say about her on twitter.

“Except her mind’s eye. Sharp and precocious, inspire all the problem, her dream, hope and education didn’t suffer.” Fatima tweeted.

“She had to cover the syllabus as there was nearly no one to compare note with, save for a few kind and discerning course mate who engaged and rubbed minds with her.”

“Beyond this, she faced discrimination from the intolerant and the unfortunate.”

Hafsat is physically challenged but she never let this get in her path to success.

She had the patience and presence of mind to attend lectures, transcribed lectures reference materials, lengthy essays and all.

It took her 9 years to graduate but she made it anyway.

It is never easy to get a bachelor’s degree in any field whatsoever.

She went to law school in Nigeria. There, she was determined to do everything possible to make it through.

The dream and passion of becoming a lawyer kept her going.

And passed out with a whooping 90%.

After Hafsat successfully made it through law school. She was called to bar at the yesterdays ceremony.

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