12 Funny things Nigerians do

Naijans cant stop doing this things

Only in Naija!

  • Every toothpaste is refered to as MACLEAN.

I mean why should we have to know the name of all the macleans there is, we already have enough to worry about. 😂

  • Show a naijan any noodle in the world he will call it INDOMIE, thats the only noodle (indomie) we know.

Thats how we are! 😂

  • SHELTOX is what we say when we want to say “insecticide”.

We have no choice.😂

  • We hit the microphone three times and say “Can you hear me? “Testing, Testing, Testing!” Before giving a speech.

Excuse us, we didnt invent the magic thing.😂

  • We point at an empty chair and ask “Who’s sitting there?”.


  • We steal your belongings and help you look for them.

but ofcourse you wont find it. If you do you won’t suspect us!😂

  • After withdrawing money from the ATM, we count it again.

We are just like that, we double check, we make sure!😂

  • When NEPA takes light, we go out and check other houses to see if its all the area or just our house.


  • We use a bar of soap till it looks like a Sim card. The “Dont Waste” Mentality. Thats just how we are!


  • We buy a thing and dont check the instruction manual because we can always ask neighbors how it’s used.
    Why read all that boring stuff when the person next door knows.


  • We lock the car then try to open it 2 times just to make sure we locked it.


  • Naijans turn off the volume of their tv sets just to smell what’s burning. As if the sound will disturb the smell. 😂

Proudly Naijans.

Its in Our Blood!.

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