‘Vikings’ Season 5, Episode 11: review

The following is a review of vikings new episode [May contain spoilers]

Vikings is finally back!

Finally, after a long wait, the first episode of the second part of season 5 has been released and we get to see a lot of updates.

If you have not watched it yet. Be warned that this article may include spoilers.

So go on and watch it before reading this.

First of all, this episode hits the screen as we expected.

bold and entertaining at the same time.

Will Ivar and Hvitserk rule kattegat together?

So at the end of the first part of season 5, we were wondering if the two brothers will rule together.

Before the vikings released a trailer video showing ivar the boneless, with a ‘bone crown’ and a white face.

In the new episode, we find out that;

Ivar the Boneless proclaimed himself the new king of kattegat but does not mention hvitserk.

He then pissed on the throne and ‘mockingly’ ordered a goat with a crown teasing lagertha. Then he said to harold finehair.

“i still have a hollow feeling in my heart.”

Referring to him wanting to fulfill his promise to kill lagertha.

Which we may see in the coming episodes.

Ivar becoming King is not a shock Because we have already seen lagertha and her army defeated in episode 10 of the 5th season..

So we know ivar will finally assume the throne of kattegat after chasing away lagertha, bjorn, thorvi, ubbe and their loyal followers.

Another main topic the Vikings has introduced to us is…

The Mysterious Freydis

In this episode, we see a mysterious woman named freydis.

Well, this woman seems to be targeting ivar for some hidden reason.

She tried to earn his attention in the early moments of assuming his throne, and she did succeed.

But he did not confront her, so she went to his chamber and this resulted in having an audience with the new king.
And told her he had been thinking about her.

He then asked her what her name was and she said freydis.

Now we can not be sure if he has been tamed or he is the one who is trying to find out her hidden agenda.

What we are sure about is, she has gotten his attention and he is into her.

On the other hand, Harold finehair must live with himself after what he has done.

Results of Halfdan’s murder

Harold finehair killed his brother and his wife and child are both dead. And he seems to be giving up on everything worldly except ale.

He is totally depressed. Who knows what the directors might do though.

Bjorn, son of Rollo.

Even after watching this episode question like,

‘Is bjorn really son of rollo?’ And ‘could bjorn be rollo’s son?’ Kept crawling inside my skull because…

This is the biggest shock we see in this new episode. Nobody expected that!

Except the geniuses among us.

But if you look at the scenario carefully, this gives us a clear reason as to why Rollo came to kattegat. But we are still yet to know why he supported Ivar and hvitserk’s cause.

Even though he demanded a very huge amount to be paid for the support he gave them, which shows he couldn’t care less about the sons of Ragnar.

When ivar asked him why he demanded something they will find very hard to come up with. He said, he did that because he is in a postion to do so.

Clearly he does not give a damn about  hvitserk and ivar the boneless.

This makes me wonder if the real reason he supported their cause was just because he wanted bjorn to be in a position where he will accept anything he has to offer.

Which at the moment, is anything bjorn can ever think of.

He actually did offer bjorn everything he wants if he would just come with him to franchia.

But as we all know, bjorn is very ill tempered, he did not only refuse the offer. He was ready to kill Rollo but in the end said “you are not worth the time i will waste to clean the blood off my blade.”

He is not to blame though. If you look at it from the perpective that he just found out that his mother slept with rollo to give birth to him when she was in love with his “father” Ragnar Lothbrok.

He went on to say he does not care if his real biological father is rollo. He was raised by ragnar and acts more like ragnar. So he does not care about the truth of his birth.

After refusing his offer, they (bishop echmond, queen lagertha, thorvi, bjorn, ubbe) conducted a meeting and concluded that they should go to england, where king aethelwulf “may” give them asylum. If spoken to, by bishop echmond.
Bishop echmond assumed that the vikings will have to fight against their own brothers if asylum was to be granted to them.

Floki loses his Death Vote

By just a vote, we are lucky that we will keep seeing floki on vikings, even though we are not seeing the floki we want to see. Flokis death will be devastating to all viewers and fans of vikings.


King alfred demands the bible be taught in english so that ordinary saxon folks can understand he quoted “give unto caesar what belongs to caesar” he was challenged. But ignored their pleas said there are more pressing matters so lets not quarrel over this issue, we will see them discuss it later, therefore he ordered towers and ships to be built in order to defend the wessex from northmens raids. He also ordered Aethelred to command the army

As the Episode ended when they reach wessex.

they were filled with surprise, because on reaching england they find out that king aethelwulf had passed away. The new king is King Alfred.

Comment with what you think will happen in the next episode.

See you on Vikings season 5 epiosode 12 review.

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