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What We Do

For your entertainment we have compiled a rich category full of funny, tragic, motivating and happy ending narratives. This is a platform where we post world news, Nigerian news updates, and entertaining contents from naija. We also post updates of credible and accurate news concerning our nation Nigeria, West Africa, Africa as a whole and World news for you. We are at your service.

As a team of well trained and experienced individuals, we strive to make a better information passing media not only here in Nigeria but all over the continent, as the Africans have much in common even though they are from different countries, what we post is not limited to the entertainment of Nigerians only, people curious about naijans, which means Nigerians, are welcomed to come and enjoy our socially rich content.  We are most pleased to become your host.

Who We Are

We are a group of talented, experienced and trustworthy idividuals dedicated to making the media environment a place where fake news does not exist thus we share only true, confirmed and accurate news, and entertainment.

The Name Naijans.

The Name NAIJANS originated from the peugeon English language created by native Nigerians from the southern part of the country, this reinvented English language consists of a little Belgium language, Yoruba, igbo and English itself, it is very funny to listen to, and very interesting how the Nigerians had personalized the English language and use it in their day to day activities. the word `Naija` is the peugeon English word for  ’Nigeria’, a country in the western part of Africa, popularly known for its high population and crude oil production. Naijans is to naija what Nigerians is to Nigeria which pretty much is self explanatory. Naijans thus stands for people staying in Nigeria,

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